Welcome to Eye Street Automotive in Bakersfield

Established in 1963, Eye Street Automotive is an icon of Bakersfield automotive service. Bob Klingenberg who has been involved in automotive service since 1959, acquired Eye Street Automotive in 1989 after working for the local Chrysler dealership for 18 years. Bob has continued the Eye Street Automotive traditions of providing excellent automotive repair at a fair price for more than 22 years.


Raul Flores and Rob Northam acquired Eye Street Automotive Januray 1, 2022 after working with Bob for the past 27. Raul with 35 years and Rob 34 year of automotive repair experience are continuing the Eye Steet Automotive reputation of excellence.  


Looking for a reliable and trustworthy auto repair shop? Look no further! Eye Street Automotive offers all-inclusive service across all major car brands, and delivers only the best quality automotive service at a fair price.


Eye Street Automotive is glad you are visiting our website. Here you will find information about Eye Street Automotive's daily work and our services. The Eye Street Automotive team will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Our Business

With nearly 60 years in the community Eye Street Automotive is the industry standard for high quality automotive service at a fair price. Our qualified technicians provide the best in service with fast turnaround time making Eye Street Automotive the auto repair shop you can trust. 



When you least expect it, your automobile can need repair. No matter how small or large the issue is, Eye Street Automotive is the repair facility you can trust. With over 120 years of collective experience our staff is unsurpassed in the industry


We service every make and model of vehicle on the road today, and provide the best parts at a fair price. Whether you need a factory or aftermarket part, Eye Street Automotive will provide you with all the options available to you, to ensure the repair to our vehicle is completed on time and within budget.


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