Eye Street Automotive has worked on lots of classic cars. Here are some of those nice classic cars that just happen to stop at Eye Street Automotive!

Meet Michael, Eye Street Automotive's classic car technician. With over 55+ years in the industry and over 10 years running his own auto shop. Michael has a true passion when working on older vehicle models. His craftmanship and expertise has truly helped customers get their hot rods on the road and keep them running.

Our Customer's Vehicles

Check out our customer's classic cars!

1959 Chevrolet Truck 3100 1/2 Ton 3.9L 235 L6

Thanks to our customer for giving us the opportunity to work on this beautiful truck. This truck with the Inline 6 engine was having trouble with overheating. Eye Street Automotive has partnered up with multiple shops to fix a cracked cylinder head. Giving the customer multiple prices, we always allow the customer choose where they would like certain services done at for price flexiblity.

1960 Ford Truck F100 1/2 Ton 4.8L 292 V8

This beautiful red truck was at Eye Street Automotive for quite a few upgrades/ repairs. The biggest project on this truck was converting brakes to disk brakes. As years pass on, maintaining older brakes become very costly and time consuming. Thank you for choosing Eye Street Automotive to service your truck!

1932 Ford Model A

Yes, you heard that correct! A 1932 Ford, coming in for a distrubtor. Eye Street Automotive was able to get this car going in no time! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work on this nice car.

1956 Chevrolet Truck

This truck is an absolute beauty! Custom paint, engine and riding on air bags. This truck came in for a simple air bag leak. We were able to get this truck out in no time! See this car at the local fair grounds during their classic car show! Thank you for allowing us to fix your truck. We really appreicate the support!

Please note: Our customers were on a approved appointment schedule. Eye Street Automotive takes scheduling classic cars on a Approved Appointment only seriously. Show-ups are not allowed. We ask appointments that are canceled to call to confirm it's canceled. 


Thank you to our customers for allowing us to post your wonderful cars/ trucks on our website. We truly appreciate your support in our business and will continue to strive in price, honesty and communication. More cars posting soon.


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